Xishuangbanna Tropical Flowers and Plants Garden / 西双版纳热带花卉园

Yesterday, I did another great discovery in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna: a botanical garden surrounded by abandoned elements! Next to the park: the abandoned Olympic pool If you follow my blog, you know that I particularly like abandoned swimming pools, especially the long ones… The ones that are olympic-size. After finding an indoor olympic-size pool in Datong, […]

Banna Monkey Mountain Ropeway / 版纳猴山索道

I am currently spending a few days in Yunnan, Xishuangbanna for my Christmas vacation with Gui. It’s less polluted and less cold than in Beijing or Datong. I was riding a bicycle in Jinghong along the Mekong River when I spotted an abandoned place… It seems my eyes are trained for this anywhere now. It […]

Beijing Film Studio / 北京电影制片厂

This report is about the famous Beijing Film Studio, targeted to be demolished three years ago and still left waiting, abandoned, falling more and more into decay. I would not have explored Beijing Film Studio without my friend Paul, a student at the prestigious Beijing Film Institute, who spotted this place. We decided to go […]

Guosheng’s unfinished twin towers night exploration / 国盛中心烂尾楼的夜景

I had to re-write this report after I came up with a new theory on this place, the unfinished Guosheng mall in Beijing… I started visiting abandoned places in France, and most ruins are quite old. So I was looking for the same type of places in China: I was already happy to have found […]

L’ancienne gare de Tsinghua Yuan / 原清华园火车站

J’avais découvert ce lieu par hasard lorsque j’étudiais à l’Université Tsinghua en 2007-2008. Le quartier de Wudaokou est principalement composé de centres commerciaux et de quartiers résidentiels modernes. À l’époque, je me souviens pourtant que l’on pouvait aussi y trouver des restes de villages et… une vraie hutong! La hutong existe toujours aujourd’hui. Cachée au […]

Tsinghua Yuan Old Railway Station / 原清华园火车站

I discovered this place when I was studying at Tsinghua University in 2007-2008. Wudaokou area is essentially composed of multistorey department stores and modern residential compounds. And yet, at the time, there were still some one-storey village houses and… one real hutong! The hutong still exists today. Hidden in the big city, one can be […]

D’étranges bâtiments à l’architecture futuriste inachevés-abandonnés

Datong est une ville située dans le nord de la province chinoise du Shanxi. Elle est célèbre pour son histoire et son patrimoine ancien, mais aussi tristement labellisée « capitale du charbon », l’économie minière ayant durant longtemps caractérisé son développement. Un jour, la ville a fait l’objet d’un relooking radical. L’ancien maire de la ville Geng […]