Call for Participation: Research Network on Contemporary Ruins in China

Dr Judith Audin, researcher, CEFC Hong Kong, chief editor, China Perspectives Open Call for Participation 邀请参与我们的网络! Research Network on Urban Ruins in Contemporary China 当代中国城市废墟的研究网络   This concept note aims to build an international research group of scholars, artists, and urban explorers focusing on ruins and ruination processes in urban China. Urban ruins constitute […]

Jingjin New Town / 京津新城

If a place can be defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity, then a space which cannot be defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity will be a non-place. Marc Augé, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity, London, Verso, 1995, p. 77-78. This report is about a « new town » near Tianjin called […]

[part 2] The Coal Gasification Plant / 煤气厂

This month, I spent a few days in Datong, and I had time to go back to some of my favorite abandoned places in China. One of them was the coal gasification plant. My many visits there, from 2015 until 2018, allowed me to discover many treasures… If you are interested in the historical background […]

[part 2] Rap et urbex: rencontre entre deux subcultures urbaines

Pour le second épisode de ma série « rap et urbex », je vous propose de regarder de plus près un très beau clip de Youssoupha, sorti en 2015 pour sa chanson « Niquer ma vie ». Tourné dans un célèbre sanatorium désaffecté, je vous présenterai le clip, les expériences des vidéastes Anthony Abdelli et José Eon, qui étaient […]

The City and its Double Symposium

The City and its Double Symposium 27 March 2018 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Room 419, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong Organized concurrently by the Faculty of Architecture, HKU, with “HERE / NOT HERE”, a photographic dialogue around Hong Kong including photos by photographer Michel Eisenlohr and visual artist […]

Rap et urbex: rencontre entre deux subcultures urbaines

Le rap : un sport d’esclave qui porte l’espoir D’une jeunesse oubliée, on fait du street art sur les bancs de l’Histoire Nos barres d’immeubles font partie des meubles Médine, Prose Élite (2017) Voici un simple extrait de chanson où coexistent les termes « rap », « sport », « street art », « barres d’immeubles » (mais aussi l’opposition « esclave »/ »Histoire »), et qui […]

Abandoned Holiday Resort near Sai Kung / 西貢區荒廢度假村

The failed revitalisation project of a Tai She Wan 大蛇灣 abandoned village In this new report, I present my latest visit to a failed project of holiday resort, located in a remote bay near Sai Kung. What is interesting about it is that it was implemented as a way to revitalize the ghost village of […]

Abandoned Hakka villages in the New Territories / 被遺棄的新界客家村落

This visit in the abandoned Hakka settlements in the New Territories was one of the best experiences I had in Hong Kong. It is a mixture of exploration of lost villages hidden in the jungle and a great hike right next to the Chinese border. I will not write about the context because this area […]

Abandoned fishing village on Lamma Island / 南丫島的無人村

For my first report of 2018, I choose to introduce a special place, full of authenticity, quietly facing the sea, and being at the same time eaten little by little by the jungle: Luk Chau Tsuen (鹿洲村). As intriguing as it may be, this fishing village located in a remote area on Lamma Island is […]

The Golden Factory / 黄金工厂

This report is about a very nice place, one of my favorite abandoned factories in Beijing, located near a mountain in a suburban area. Nature slowly starts to grow back on the industrial structure. I will not give too many elements about this factory because I would like it to remain intact. It has a […]